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Our deep range of scalable fax solutions integrate with your Voice over IP network and can be virtualized in any environment. RightFax helps your business automate fax, improve employee productivity, and save money-regardless of your size or need.

Which of our five server packages is right for you?

RightFax Branch Office Server  

Branch Office Server is ideal for smaller operations, departments or branch offices that need to be able to manage their documents independently, even in the case of a failure at a central data hub. Supports up to 4 fax lines and 100 users.

RightFax Business Server  

Business Server is the workhorse of small to mid-size companies with a higher level of fax need. No matter what your business does, Business Server is a safe investment because it can grow with you. Supports up to 30 fax lines and unlimited users, multiple integrations, and optional add-ons.

RightFax Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server is designed for national or global companies that require Enterprise-wide fax capabilities, including business continuity. Multiple enterprise fax servers work together to provide a network that integrates with the unique systems of your large business. Supports extremely high volumes, advanced integrations, and additional add-on modules.

RightFax Enterprise Suite  

Enterprise Suite delivers the same functionality and compatibilities as Enterprise Server, but includes even more add-on modules as a discounted bundle. Provides unmatched security via SecureDocs encrypted and certified document delivery.

RightFax Enterprise Integration

With Enterprise Integration, we have done the work for you and bundled all of our best features into one comprehensive fax and document distribution solution. Enterprise Integration offers the full suite of RightFax add-ons, connectors and modules.

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